does Cyber Security stop with your computer?

Information security is a two part problem.

At Security Coaches, we believe in combating the human threat to your information systems from within your own organization.

Cyber Security Isn’t just about securing your systems

While your systems may be protected from the outside in, what are you doing to protect them from the inside out? Through extensive knowledge of personnel mistakes and company wide blunders, our coaches take the guesswork out of Behavioral Cyber Security.

It’s about your People

We coach companies on the best Behavioral Cyber Security practices utilizing the most up-to-date sources such as The SANS Institute and The United States Department of Homeland Security.

What is Behavioral Cyber Security?

It’s the people part of Cyber Security.

Most cyber security companies focus on solving organization’s network design flaws, patch management, group policy efficiencies, etc. 
Security Coaches’ main goal is to tackle the problem that other security companies just can’t address. Using custom data from our organizational assessment of your company, our coaches will provide you and your staff with coaching to ensure that their behavior isn’t putting your company at risk.

Our Organizational Assessment

Information Handling
Internet Usage

We show you the risk.

After assessing your organization, we will then present the findings based on key Cyber Security Information Technology factors surrounding Confidentiality, Integrity, and Accessibility.

Our advisory recommends specific action based on your organization. 

Given the context of how each employee did at your organization, we generate a report that will show you Cyber Security competency across the board in each risk area.

Did not pass
Need coaching
Pose minimal risk

The Champions of Cyber Security Coach your employees. 

Combating the human element of Cyber Security involves an ongoing conversation and discussion with employees. Traditional cyber security training fails to adapt to the varying degrees of competency that exist within an organization and does not provide an interactive approach to uncover ways to sustainably improve.

We want you to win.

Highly emotionally intelligent coaches adapt their approach to earn trust and empower individuals in your organization to participate in the process of improving cyber security.
On-going re-assessment and custom coaching is implemented in order to maintain a high level of cyber security awareness and competency.

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