Behavioral Cyber Security is our product.

We coined the term Behavioral Cyber Security  as our unique, superior approach to Cyber Security Awareness Training. Our data-driven approach centers around quantifying human cyber security risks and providing targeted coaching-based solutions. 

Everything we do is based on a blend of industry best practices that have been proven in practice. We monitor resources from the FBI, CIA, Department of Homeland Security, SANS Institute, and various other technical security-focused resources so that you don’t have to. Our resources are maintained regularly to adapt to the ever-changing cyber security threat landscape.

Jacoby Watts

Co-Founder, Principal Coach

Jacoby has successfully completed the Cisco Networking Academy and his degree from the University of Akron in computer networking.

Jacoby started working with Jason as an intern. Jason quickly noticed the high degree of emotional intelligence, passion and instant trust that surrounded Jacoby when interacting with others and brought him into a full time role on his team. Jacoby found himself frustrated with the number of avoidable security incidents that occurred, most of which did not have a technical root cause.

Jacoby volunteered to serve on a committee to create a corporate cyber security program, recognizing that coaching could make a big difference in preventing costly loss of productivity. In addition to making valuable contributions to the development of the corporate program, he successfully coached many individuals and made a significant contribution toward increasing cyber security proficiency in the organization.

Jacoby has now decided to apply his experience, education and entrepreneurial spirit to coaching organizations in cyber security on a wider scale.

Jason Kennedy

Co-Founder, Principal Coach

Jason has had a more than 20 year career in information technology. His experience started with founding a web hosting company in the late 90s, founding an IT consultancy & datacenter in the early 2000s whose clients included the United States government, healthcare facilities and other industries. During this time, Jason graduated from the Cisco Networking Academy with a 4.0 GPA and earned his CCNA certification.

After divesting his interests in hosting & consulting, Jason went on to a corporate career path including the following:

 Networking and security management at a hospital, and member of corporate advisory committee for networking/security with parent company (healthcare company owning over 60 hospitals nationwide)

 Serving on the senior leadership team of a vertically integrated IT consulting, web hosting & datacenter company as strategy adviser & solution designer

 Designing and overseeing the build of global datacenter infrastructure builds, security programs and technical architecture for a global aerospace and defense company, and serving on the corporate global technology advisory board

 Leading IT for a national, multi-site food and beverage manufacturing company including a complete departmental restructuring, IT strategy development, cyber security program creation and all operational aspects of IT.

Jason has now decided to focus on pursuing his passions which include a motorsports events business that has grown from a summer “side project” to the 3rd largest high performance driving school in the United States and technology consulting. He is passionate about organizational development, specifically focusing on the human elements of cyber security. He has seen too many individuals fall for scams, become subject to identify theft, and companies suffer from severe productivity and financial loss. Jason is dedicating himself to Security Coaches to make a difference in these areas.