From start to finish

We have a unique and proprietary approach towards combating Behavioral Cyber Security. At the core of our coaching, data is critical in driving competency. That’s why we spend hours on creating an approach that is crafted with your organization in mind. Compared to other methods, our six-step process is simplistic by design, because it’s been developed around organizational efficiency.

 Step One: Review

A brief, efficient information gathering session is conducted with IT and organizational leadership.

This is so we can better understand current cyber security practices, trainings, policies and processes that are in place.

Step Two:

Using strategically selected targeted questions, we uncover the weak spots in your organization’s cyber security competency.

 Step Three: Compilation

Assessment results are benchmarked against information collected during the initial review to compile meaningful insights specific to your organization.

Step Four:
Review and Reporting

This is a concise, meaningful report of findings. They are aligned with a customized, targeted coaching program to mitigate your organization’s human risks in cyber security. These results are then shared with your IT department and organizational leadership.

 Step Five: Coaching

Delivery of relevant, targeted coaching program to support your organization in elevating its cyber security  awareness and competency.

Step Six:

Ongoing re-assessment and custom coaching solutions to maintain a high level of cyber security awareness and competency.

Choose our proven, methodical, custom-tailored COACHING for sustainable results.

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